Campervan Hire London FAQ

Got a question about renting a campervan from London Campers? Take a look at our Campervan hire London FAQ. Still unsure of something? Feel free to get in touch 

Campervan Hire London FAQ

Got a question about renting a campervan from London Campers? Take a look at our Campervan hire London FAQ. Still unsure of something? Feel free to get in touch

Don’t want to book online? That’s absolutely fine! We have a couple of ‘old school’ ways to book and know that not everyone is keen to finalise a holiday online. 

Pop us a message on our contact form

Email us on 

Call us on 07985 991349

Happy to book online? Find a campervan now

To make a booking either over the phone or online we need a 25% deposit. The remaining sum, which will be confirmed to you either over the phone or via email is due no later than six weeks prior to collection. If you make a booking within six weeks of departure, we require the full fee to be transferred.

During your campervan hire, we hold a £500 damage deposit (cash or bank transfer only, unfortunately, we don’t take cards) for the duration of the rental. This is fully refundable upon safe return of the van in the condition it was hired in, with cash returned on the day and transferred funds returned as quickly as your bank allows.

Yes! As you can imagine, we're always very busy with campervan hire for Glastonbury festival, so please get your booking in nice and early! 

We also offer campervan rental for festivals right across the UK and further afield. 

It is actually the law that your driving licence must show your current address. So this isn't a requirement which is up for negotiation. 
 If you move home, you have to notify DVLA - but don't panic, it's very quick and can be done entirely online. We will just need a picture of your old licence and a copy of the online confirmation you will get that shows you have requested a change of address on your licence. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

Probably, yes. But please check with us first. Unless it’s an alpaca- that’s a bit big and hence a straight no.

We love animals and are happy for them to share your adventures, obviously the issue for us is that they don't leave any lingering smells that future customers might not like, or damage the vehicles. We clean the vans between every hire, but if the cleaning is much more difficult or time consuming than usual, we reserve the right to levy an excess cleaning fee. If there is damage, we will deduct from the security deposit to reimburse the costs of returning the vehicle to pre-hire condition.

In the event of cancellation prior to the Hire Period, the Hirer agrees to pay a cancellation fee in line with the following:

i) Greater than 6 weeks prior to start date – 25% of rental fee (i.e the booking deposit) or £75, whichever is greater;
ii) Between 6 weeks and 2 weeks prior to start date – 50% of total hire charge
iii) Less than two weeks before start date - 100% of total hire charge


Learning the lessons of the Covid 19 crisis, all customers are strongly advised to take out travel insurance to cover themselves against the risk of cancellation for reasons beyond our control.


These charges are made because the closer you get to the hire, the more unlikely we are to find replacement hirers for the vehicle. If you think a last-minute cancellation is likely, we recommend you take out separate travel insurance to cover this risk.


Whilst the cancellation policy described above remains in force, in the event that you are unable to travel or unable to stay overnight due to a national or local lockdown affecting London or where you live, we will allow you to move your hire to a future date within the next 12 months. We will not charge an amendment fee for this change (and will allow multiple changes provided there are good reasons for them), but if the dates you subsequently choose are more expensive, you will have to pay the difference between the old and new dates. Conversely, if the new dates you choose are cheaper, we will refund the difference as a credit.

All changes to hire dates are subject to availability.

You must notify us as soon as possible if you think your plans are likely to change due to announced or anticipated new restrictions.

Yes we are.

Cleaning: In addition to the usual interior and exterior cleaning which takes place to prepare the van before every hire:

  • We will pay extra attention to any surfaces which hirers touch or breathe on (let’s face it – that’s a lot of the vehicle in a small campervan!) by utilising disinfectant sprays and wipes
  • Every clean will be finished with an application of X-mist atmospheric sanitizer, which is certified to kill 99.99% of all germs, including coronavirus.
  • Cleaners will wear a facemask and gloves whilst cleaning inside the vehicles

Handovers: For the safety of staff and customers, we are operating with fully observed social distancing. As such, we will email in advance of your hire with links to videos about how your van works - we will then be available on the telephone / whatsapp should you have further questions. The key for your vehicle will be placed in a safety deposit box and you will be provided with a code to collect the key.

This has been working well so far and our vans are fairly intuitive to use, so we are confident this will equip you with the info you need. This method does also offer particular advantages in that you can set off right away when you come to collect, rather than having to make time for a handover!

Deliveries: During the covid crisis your driver will arrive with a facemask and gloves and clean all surfaces touched before handing over keys. They will not demonstrate the van’s operation – as above this is done by video.

Yes, London Campers own comprehensive Self Drive Hire campervan rental Insurance is included. This is subject to an insurance excess equivalent to the amount of the security deposit for the applicable (i.e between £500 and £650 depending on which vehicle).

Qualifying drivers must:

  • Be between 24 and 75 years of age
  • Have a valid full UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australia or NZ licence for at least 1 year (entitlement to drive a class B vehicle - i.e a car)
  • Have no more than 6 penalty points at the time of hire

All our vans have leisure batteries providing 12v power to internal electrical systems (lights, radio, water pump, heater, fridge, 12v TV, etc), as well as providing charging through USB and or cigarette lighter style sockets. Leisure batteries are isolated from the vehicle battery, so you can use this power to your heart’s content, without fear of not being able to start the engine. When the leisure battery runs low, simply run the engine (for about 30 minutes) to recharge. You should note, however, that no motorhome you will find from any supplier has 240v power supply when not connected to mains. To use the three pin 240v domestic sockets, you need to be ‘hooked up’ to mains supply at the campsite.

In addition to the specification provided in the van specific information pages, your rental campervan will come with:

  • Gas for cooking
  • Full crockery and cutlery for as many people as the van sleeps (ie. Enough for two if it’s 2 berth, enough for 4 if it’s 4 berth, etc). This will typically consist of:
    • Large saucepan, small saucepan and frying pan
    • large plate, small plate, bowl, glass and mug for each person
    • knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon for each person
    • A selection of chopping boards
    • Kitchen knives and kitchen spoons for stirring / serving
    • A tin and bottle opener
    • Washing up liquid, sponges and tea towel
    • Bin bags and small dustpan and brush
  • Fold up camping chairs for the same number of people as above;
  • A fold-away camping table
  • BBQ, coals, lighters and BBQ utensils.

Bedding is not included as standard, because the vast majority of people prefer to bring their own (a double duvet and fitted double sheet is ideal). If you do want bedding, it is available for £10 extra per set (a set consists of a double duvet, cover, sheet and 2x pillows with covers).

We can also provide towel sets (1 large one small) for £7 per set.

We can also provide an EU satnav at a cost of £5 per day – but we find most people just use their phones these days! (To charge it, you’ll just need a USB to car cigarette lighter connector).

You cannot go in the London Congestion and Ultra Low Emission Zones without paying the charges. You can buy these from us at checkout.

You must also pay a fee to cross the Thames at the Dartford River crossing (Dartford Tunnel going north, Queen Mary bridge going south) – it is payable by midnight the day you cross, via the internet.

Please note our vehicles are not allowed in the Rotherhithe Tunnel – a hefty fine applies.

You may go abroad, but only in the modern vehicles (all but Vic and Lenny) and you must purchase an EU insurance green card.

Collection and return is from Streatham Common, South London, SW16. But we can also deliver and collect for an agreed fee.

Our website features an online calendar and booking tool which gives live availability and pricing. You can book deliveries and collection to London addresses and airports here, simply add these to your purchase, selecting either delivery, collection or both.

Yes we do. We will deliver within a range of 15 miles from Streatham Common SW16 for a charge of £4 per mile. We can also collect at the end of your hire. You can add this to your booking when you make a reservation.

If your delivery or collection is further than 15 miles from us, we may still be able to help, please contact us before booking.

Yes! Well, if you can drive one in the UK, at any rate. If you are heading overseas, to mainland Europe you will need an EU green card to extend the insurance, these are £60 per week or part thereof - which is what the insurer charges us.

  • Full breakdown cover
  • Fully comprehensive self-drive hire insurance
  • Insurance for two drivers provided they are between the ages of 24 and 75 and meet our terms and conditions
  • Full crockery and cutlery
  • Fold up camping chairs and table
  • BBQ, coals and lighters

Our Insurer insists that all campervan renters are between the ages of 24 and 75.

In the newer T5 vehicles, no. In the older T25 vehicles, you can travel the equivalent of 100 miles a day. So for a 3-day hire, for example, you can do (3x100=) 300 miles free of charge. Beyond this, the following charges will apply:

  • 1 - 100 miles extra: £0.75 per mile.
  • 201 + miles extra: £0.50 / miles

For the same 3 day hire, this would mean a 500-mile round trip would cost £37.50 in extra mileage charges.

The insurance excess for each vehicle is set at a rate equivalent to the required security deposit. In the event of a claim, your security deposit would pay the first £XXX of this claim if it was a fault or shared fault claim. You also authorise us to deduct from the security deposit to cover the costs of any damage or other consequential losses arising from the hire, up to the security deposit level. You should note that this limit is per incident and hence if you have several incidents, you could be liable for a sum larger than the security deposit.

Although not our mainstay, over the years we have built up quite a large inventory of parts for both VW T25 campervans and VW T5 campervans. If there is a part you are particularly struggling to get hold of, we may well be able to help you, so please get in touch.

We would also recommend the below websites for your hunt: (Germany) (US)

Yes, we have free on-street parking and it is fairly easy to find a space nearby. It is at your own risk, but it is a safe area – we keep the vans there and don’t generally have issues.

We are flexible to your requirements. We can usually arrange early mornings and evenings for collection and delivery – subject to the van being booked to you for this time, of course!

It is also OK to drop your van back late in the evening, on weekends, Sundays and bank holidays. Again – you just need to book this time with us.

Yes you can collect and return your rental campervan outside of normal business hours. When you book, you can specify the hours you need to collect and return, we then tailor arrangements to your needs. Early starts and late drop-offs/ collections are all possible. Though please note once you’ve booked the times you need, there may be challenges and or additional charges if you want to bring things forward.

To drive one of our vehicles, you must comply with the below:

1. You :

  • Are not under the age of 23 or over 75 years of age
  • Have held a full UK or EU licence for a minimum of two years; and
  • Have no more than two convictions with a maximum of 3 points per conviction

2. You have not:

  • Had your licence suspended for any period within the last three years
  • Been involved in more than one fault incident within the last three years
  • Obtained a BA,DD or UT conviction

Our insurance allows us to cover the following drivers, subject to having reviewed their licences:-

1) Prior to the commencement of any hire the Insured shall have:

a) Inspected the driving licence of the hirer and any other permitted driver.

b) Satisfied themselves that the hirer and any driver

i) are not under the age of 23 or over 75 years of age
ii) has held a full UK or EU licence for a minimum of two years
iii) has not had their licence suspended for any period within the last three years
iv) has not been involved in more than one fault incident within the last three years
v) has no more than two convictions with a maximum of 3 points per conviction
vi) has not obtained a BA,DD or UT conviction

2) The insured vehicle shall only be let out on hire to a person who has signed and completed a rental agreement or the hirer/driver proposal for each period of hire

3) The insured shall have completed , prior to releasing vehicle, identity checks including copies of all drivers licences, 2 utility bills dated within three months of the hire and the deposit being taken by a clear and traceable means such as a debit or credit card

4) In the event of a theft by hirer claim an excess equal to 25% of the vehicle value will apply

5) In the event of a claim resulting from the use of cooking/heating appliances, a 25% coinsurance excess will apply, subject to a minimum excess of £500

6) The Insured vehicle shall not be used for the carriage of goods of an explosive, dangerous or hazardous nature or for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire and reward or any other form of profit or remuneration
7) Any return premium for cancellation of this insurance or following any other amendment to this insurance will be allowed only at the discretion of the Insurer

Yes you can – please contact us with your requirements.

Please note we don’t have one of everything available for every vehicle – so book early to avoid disappointment.

No, currently none of the vans have ISOFIX. However, they all have 3 point harness seatbelts which should allow you to fit most types of baby seats.

The hirer is liable for all parking fines, speeding fines, other fines or penalties, and/or the costs or replacement, reinstatement or repair following accidents, including third party property damage not reported on return of the Vehicle, and associated administrative costs incurred in relation to the Vehicle during the Rental Period;

Where the Owner receives any fines or penalty notices and is still in custody of the security deposit, the Hirer agrees that Owner will automatically settle these fines or penalties and deduct the settlement amount, plus a £10 administrative charge for each fine or penalty, from the security deposit.

Please note – our vehicles may not be driven through the Rotherhithe Tunnel.

There are loads of great campsites throughout the UK and Europe that'll make you feel very welcome in a London Camper. When we're setting out on an adventure, we tend to take a look at these sites, as a starting point.

We're friendly with the guys who set up Jack's Shack, up in Leicester. We understand that they are not close to London but when you're making such a serious investment, we think a 100-mile journey is probably worth it. 

Tell them Rob from London Campers sent you! 

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